By Yorg

What a spectacular evening it was to revel in the magic of live music last night! With the thermometer hovering at a delightful 20 degrees Celsius and a gentle breeze touching my back, it was the ideal atmosphere to head out and catch a concert. While my outings aren’t as frequent as they used to be, there was no way I was going to miss the electrifying performance at the M-Telus Theatre last night.

My last encounter with Trey Anastasio in Montreal dates back to the summer of 1994, at the Theatre St. Denis, where he graced the stage alongside his Phish bandmates. Despite the venue being only half full, with the balcony eerily vacant, the energy of the fervent crowd more than compensated for the modest turnout.

Fast forward to last night, and Trey Anastasio & Classic TAB illuminated the stage shortly after 8 pm, treating the audience to several unforgettable tunes and sprinkled with endless noodling jams.    The concert wrapped up around 11:30 pm, with a short intermission between sets. The M-Telus Theatre was packed with nearly 2,300 ecstatic fans, many of whom traveled from the States and Ontario, swaying, jumping, and grooving to the mesmerizing beats of Russ Lawton on drums, Ray Paczkowski on keyboards, Dezron Douglas on bass, and, of course, Trey Anastasio on electric and acoustic guitars, as well as vocals.

Below, you’ll find the set-list, bursting with beloved Phish classics. The atmosphere was so electric at times that it felt like the Theatre St. Denis might burst with the sheer excitement of the crowd! For those lucky enough to be in attendance, what a night to remember! And for those who missed out, fret not, as the tour still has a few more stops lined up. Check out the remaining dates and experience the magic firsthand!

Set List:

SET 1: Sand, Back on the Train, Llama [On Acoustic], Demons, Monsters, Gotta Jibboo, Machine, All Pretending, It’s Happening Again [2], The Greater Good, Undermind > Shaking Someone’s Outstretched Hand

SET 2: If I Could See the World > 46 Days, Oblivion > Plasma, What’s Going Through Your Mind, Greyhound Rising, Life Saving Gun, Blaze On

ENCORE: Brian and Robert [On Acoustic], A Wave of Hope