Revisit Those Superb Segal Centre Live Experiences on Monday Nights with Lisa’s Nightcap

The Segal Centre generally bustles with activity and show-stopping performances throughout their dramatic and musical season each year; but as we all know, a larger-than-life phenomenon has unfortunately – albeit temporarily – interfered with all the theatrical joy and thought-provoking drama the live theatre experience can – and Segal Centre Continue Reading

Feeling Good, Feeling Groovy Yet No Neatly Wrapped End Like an Old Time Movie: Far Out Trip Through 1960s Musical Mirth and Melancholy Shines On at Segal Centre

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Times tend to change and all its inherent trends and political zeitgeist as well, but human nature tends to remain constant. Louise Pitre and spouse W. Joseph Matheson are renowned in Canadian theatrical circles, and they are now eager and Continue Reading

A Quiet Revolution of A Different – and Decidedly Delightful – Sort Engulfs the Segal in Small Mouth Sounds

Many of us feel uneasy if we’re receiving the silent treatment from another individual we deem important in our lives. Silence in general is becoming an increasingly alien concept – as well as perhaps a precious commodity – to those 21st century dwellers living in Western metropolises. Thus, the trend Continue Reading