Conversion Pries Open a Treasure Chest of Trickery to Provision Us with Mesmerizing Two-Way Mirror

There can be little doubt that we live in rather tense and taut political times. It is almost impossibly difficult for thoughtful individuals not to be touched, affected or even make armchair attempts to rationalize, intellectualize or become introspective about it all while making sense of a new emerging reality. Continue Reading

Serving Up Sizzling Human Spirit: “Master Harold”… and the Boys” Has Segal Crowd Ordering Seconds

Human relationships run the gamut from inspiring connectedness and touching camaraderie to downright ugly and frightening. Political and social positions of power sometimes dictate the tone of said relationships, although ideally strength of character and strong values would win out in the end if this were in fact an ideal Continue Reading

The Good, The Bad and the Uncomfortably Ugly: Fiery Family Drama Ablaze in Bad Jews Segal Return

Have you ever begun watching a stage production that seems from the outset like it’s going to be funny, warm, and harmlessly charming? Such can aptly describe the opening scene from the taut, fireplug-type masterpiece that is Bad Jews – if you hadn’t already allowed yourself the privilege of seeing Continue Reading