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What is Orcasound?

Orcasound.com is an online media news site, focusing on various aspects of Montreal city life. We offer regular review features, including Films, CDs, DVDs, Orcastyle and Plus sections. Orcasound Plus encompasses live music, interviews, exhibits, and anything else interesting and original that defies categorization.

We all like to make the most of our leisure time, and thus Orcasound’s primary purpose is to assist our readers in their quest for fun. So, dive in, enjoy, and most of all, participate in this unique and refreshing snapshot of what makes life in our cities so incredibly special.

Our printed publication is published and distributed quarterly to a wide range of merchants, companies and schools throughout Northeastern Canada and the United States. We estimate a readership of well over 250,000. Our online format is updated daily, and offers a glimpse of what’s fun in your city.


Special Features to keep our readers entertained & interested:

Prizes – On occasion Orcasound gives away a myriad of prizes, including movie passes, CDs and other goodies.

Film Reviews – Our film recommendations what’s worthwhile viewing in the theatres.

Music & Culture – Our music critic is on the trail of the hottest musical attractions and recordings. Get our thoughts on the latest CD releases.

orcadates – Read about our adventures in dating, and meet your match at one of our events.

DVD Reviews – Our film recommendations of what’s new on DVD

orcastyle – What’s trending in style, hairstyles, clothes, furniture and more

Plus – Concerts, plays and exhibitions are reviewed and check out our interviews

And Much, Much More!

6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello!

    My name is Jason and I am hoping to submit my band’s new album for review to you! (maybe interview??) Our release is coming soon and I am granting you full permission to utilize any & all songs from forthcoming (09/16/2021) album “Everyone’s Dead” in the “New LoFi” blog/site/zine and expect no monetary return on the material(s).

    All links that you need (including free download) are supplied below.

    The self-titled single of the same name, “Everyone’s Dead” has been released on all digital platforms.
    >>> https://open.spotify.com/album/4Dpt6XmvGnulSch0cjysqx

    If you supply a mailing address, I will be happy to send an official, hard copy CD for you, as well.

    Thanks, in advance, for your time. I hope that you enjoy and are interested in featuring us in the future!

    Sincerely, Jason & Null Rays


    Feel free to download all of the *NEW* album’s mp3 files via this Google Drive link:

    Link(s) to where music is commercially available:

    Website has links for merch: CDs, Vinyl LPs and T-shirts, Lyrics and Production notes (song credits, studio, dates recorded, producer, instrumentation and players):

    Who we sound like: Faith No More, Soundgarden, Dead Kennedys, Alice in Chains, Eagles of Death Metal, Monster Magnet, Guns N’ Roses

    The Null Rays are the remnants of the hard rock band known as “Nocturnal Sun,” who performed as in RI from 1997-2009. The Null Rays re-formed in 2020 to release 2 studio albums of material…the latest being dropped on 09/16/2021. The “Null Rays” project is the brainchild of Jason Carpentier, who wrote most of the material with many different collaborators over the course of a decade, performing “live” in the Providence area in the early part of the century. The latest single, “Everyone’s Dead” (from the forthcoming
    album of the same name) is a poppy, alt-rock tune with some country feel…a song that is more fun and positive than it appears in name!
    Jason, combined with longtime bassist, Ron Dumont, formerly of Gordon Gano (Violent Femmes)’s solo project and Dana Blake on drums to produce the new album with various friends and former bandmates from yesteryear!


  2. This site is garbage as are the reviews on here. I’ve read the copy and have to say that any goon can throw up a bad website with bad takes. This is the bummer of the internet. I miss the days where you had to qualify with some taste in order to talk about something with some expertise. If anyone reads this please don’t take anything these people say seriously.

    1. Sorry you don’t agree with our reviews. But that is the beauty of reviews or criticism, it is all just an opinion.

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