OVID TV: Now Streaming: Series Ft. Laurie Anderson & Lucrecia Martel, a Doc on International Law & Historic Cultural Sites, & More!

Now Streaming: Philosophy Series Starring Lucrecia Martel & 
Laurie Anderson Among Other Leading Thinkers and More!

New on OVID: A series, THINKING EXISTENZ, which features segments with Laurie Anderson and Lucrecia Martel among other thinkers, and FAITH LOVE DESIRE, a provocative 3-part series explores the complicated intersection of sexuality and religion.

We also have three documentaries—AMBULANCE, PARTNER WITH THE ENEMY, and SOUND OF TORTURE—on Israel and Palestine.

And, we are proud to make available THE DESTRUCTION OF MEMORY, a film on the evolution of international law, which makes the destruction of historic cultural sites a war crime. This is a subject that is more relevant than ever given Trump’s tweets threatening Iran’s historical sites.

Learn more about these films below:

Directed by Mohamed Jabaly; First Hand Films, Documentary

Mohamed Jabaly, a young man from Gaza City, joins an ambulance crew as war approaches, looking for his place in a country under siege. While thousands of things are published on the recurring violence, the stories behind them remain hidden. Not this one. 

An honest, straight and raw first-person account of the last war in Gaza.

* Best of Festival, IDFA

Faith Love Desire
(3 x 52 min. series)
Directed by Hilka Sinning & Heinz Greuling; First Hand Films, Documentary

Eros: divine gift or diabolical power? Throughout the ages all religions have striven to regiment people’s sex lives and to steer them into orderly channels, to avoid excesses and reign in base impulses by means of divine commandments.

Intimate beliefs as told by practicing Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists from six countries.

The Destruction of

Directed by Tim Slade; Icarus Films, Documentary

Narrated by Tony Award-winning actress Sophie Okonedo, this powerful
documentary proposes hope: As crimes of cultural destruction are increasingly
reported, perpetrators can be brought to justice and awareness can grow.

* Grand Prize, Arkhaios Cultural Heritage and Archaeology Film Festival
* Best Public Educational Value, The Archaelogy Channel International Film
* The British Museum, London, UK

Thinking Existenz
(10 x 30 min. series)
Directed by Graça Castanheira; First Hand Films, Documentary

Ten personalities from diverse social and geographical backgrounds reflect on the world and its future.

A portrait in multiple voices of contemporary reality, revealing the deep connections that exist between our beliefs and the consequences thereof in our present day—for the individual, for life, and for the planet.

* Filmfest Hamburg

A series of lessons about our time and the way we live in it.
Laurie Anderson,
Lucrecia Martel,
Vandana Shiva,
Lula Da Silva,
and more! 

Partner with the Enemy
Directed by by Duki Dror, Chen Shelach & Galia Engelmayer-Dror, First Hand Films, Documentary

An Israeli and a Palestinian are trying to build a business partnership against all odds.

Brought together by a shared business acumen of the logistics industry, the women combine forces to help Palestinian businessmen navigate the everyday absurdities of the Israeli occupation. But while they help their clients overcome the obstacles of bureaucracy and security, will they overcome their own differences?


Sound of Torture
Directed by Keren Shayo; First Hand Films, Documentary

The multi-award winning film intimately follows Meron Estefanos, an Eritrean
journalist-activist living in Sweden since many years, running a popular online
radio program, publishing the stories from the torture camps in Sinai while
recording their inmates’ pleas for help. 

* Winner Prix Europa Iris
* Best Short Documentary, Israeli Film Academy
* Competition for Mid-Length Documentary, IDFA

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