TOUT INCLUS by François Grisé presented in Longueuil on March 18


At the Théâtre de la Ville

March 18 at 7pm

After being presented at the Théâtre Duceppe in Montreal and at the Périscope in Quebec City, this documentary-style play by François Grisé will be presented in Longueuil and in 10 other cities in across the province throughout the month of March. TOUT INCLUS puts forward the quest of author and actor François Grisé, who questions what aging in Quebec means and the choices available to us as we age. How do we want to inhabit our old age?

TOUT INCLUS testifies “from within” an invisible world of which most only know the surface. Between investigative journalism and sociological research, the documentary-style play is inspired by real testimonies and deals with important social issues while proposing a reflection between artists and the public. To find possible solutions, François Grisé tells us about his striking, enlightening and sometimes confronting exchanges with several specialists. It offers a broader reflection on the challenges of aging and proposes to commit to finding concrete solutions that meet the needs as well as the aspirations of those we become over the days: the old.

 TOUT INCLUS is part of the organization Vivre vieux d’Un et un font mille whose focus is the realities of aging. This play was born from the experience of François Grisé with a home for the elderly for 2 months, following the move of his parents into the residence. Through the activities of this cycle, Un et un font mille wishes to give voice and faces to people often swept under the carpet of the imprecise name “our aînées”.

Tout inclus is a co-production of Porte Parole, Un et un font mille and Nous sommes ici: three companies that have at heart the documentary approach as a tool for reflection and social change.

Cast: Marie Cantin, Marie-Ginette Guay, Jean-François Gaudet and François Grisé ● Author: François Grisé ● Dramaturgy: Annabel Soutar with Agathe Foucault ● Director: Alexandre Fecteau ● Assistance with the staging: Adèle St-Amand and Julie Brosseau-Doré ● Sound: Alexander MacSween assisted by Anne Préfontaine ● Set design: Odile Gamache ● Video: Francis Laporte ● Lighting: André Rioux ● Costumes: Olivia Watson and Géraldine Rondeau

The Tout Inclus – Volume 2

In parallel with the tour, the two volumes of the book of the play TOUT INCLUS are now available in bookstores.  TOUT INCLUS Volume 2 is the 29th book of the Pièces d’Atelier 10 collection. To obtain both volumes, please visit www.atelierdix/boutique

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