Multi-Grammy Award Winner/Nominee KAYHAN KALHOR Joins Montreal’s CONSTANTINOPLE ENSEMBLE for Final 20th Season Concert Across Canada in June + 20th Album Release!


to highlight Constantinople’s exceptional 20th season

To close its 20th season, Constantinople launches its 20th album in Canada and on all digital platforms. Along with unparalleled international acclaim and a brand-new concert, already sold-out in several cities, this new recording highlights the ensemble’s remarkable 20th season.

A 20th Anniversary Recording Paying Homage to Rumi

Djalaleddine Rumi (1207-1273), with his body of work encompassing over 100,000 lines of verse, left us an immutable treasure that reflects a refined and luminous understanding of the world. Plunging into his universe and meandering through his texts opens the door to deeper thinking and universal spirituality. He is a timeless source of passion, but also a guide that lifts the spirit, like the light that has always drawn plants to it and helped them grow.

Accompanied by an exceptional group of instrumentalists, Kiya Tabassian and singer Ghalia Benali have recorded a work that is both profound and spontaneous. It is with great joy that Constantinople presents this 20th album, In the Footsteps of Rumi / Sur les traces de Rumi, which highlights how far the group has come in its 20 years of existence.

Stream/download In the Footsteps of Rumi on Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and Youtube Music here.

Unparalleled International Acclaim
Between February and June 2022, Constantinople will have presented 12 new works, with over 60 concerts in England, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania and, of course, a number of cities across Canada.
Kiya Tabassian and Constantinople were artists in residence at Lunalia, the prestigious Festival of Flanders, where they had the opportunity to present a number of new works.

After an appearance in Riga, Latvia (May 15), and another in Hanover, Germany (May 18), the ensemble presents performances in several Lithuanian cities (May 20 to 23 in Vilnius, May 21 in Plungė, May 24 in Kaunas), then in Schaffhouse, Switzerland (May 28) and Salem, Germany (May 31), before returning to Canada.

Closing Concert of Constantinople’s 20th Season: Under the Persian Musical Sky/Ciel de l’Iran
Vancouver (June 3-4)
Victoria (June 5)
Toronto (June 8-9-10)
Montreal (June 11)
Quebec City (June 12)

With this concert, Constantinople’s Artistic Director Kiya Tabassian is returning to his musical roots and at the same time joining forces once again with the great musician Kayhan Kalhor, one of the most important figures in Persian music.

Under the Persian Musical Sky / Ciel de l’Iran is presented across Canada this June: in Vancouver on June 3-4, in Victoria on June 5, in Toronto on June 8-9-10, in Montreal on June 11 and in Quebec City on June 12.

Persian music, in continuous evolution for millennia, is an art that is at once tremendously refined, rich, and touching. Recognized internationally as the sublime master of the kamancheh (or Iranian spiked fiddle), Kalhor is also a leading player of the setar, the instrument that will be played during this evening in duo with the virtuoso Tabassian.

Two free thinkers and musical explorers, Kalhor and Tabassian invite listeners to the point of convergence of their creative universes, for an impassioned musical voyage to the heart of their art, to its Persian roots.

“When I arrived in Canada, at 14 years of age, Kayhan Kalhor was my master on the setar. I took courses with him for over a year until he left to develop an international career, which definitively placed him among the world’s greatest musicians. We met again a few years ago, this time as collaborators, forming a setar duo that has been invited to perform on some of the world’s most prestigious stages. To me, he is still my mentor, but now I also have the good fortune to see him as a great musical partner.”
– Kiya Tabassian, Artistic Director, Constantinople

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