Vegas: The Second Season – Volume 2

Catching bad guys and making time with the ladies pretty much fills up the days an nights for private eye Dan Tanna (played by Robert Urich).  His job takes him and his faithful sidekicks, assistant Bea (played by Phyllis Davis), Bobby Borso (played by Bart Braverman) and Las Vegas Police Department’s Lieutenant Dave Nelson (played by Greg Morris) to the seediest areas of Las Vegas.  No matter who he is chasing (criminal or woman) or in what area, Tanna looks cool in his red ‘57 Thunderbird.

Episode 1: Lost Monday: Bobby starts seeing a hypnotist in order to raise his confidence.  It doesn’t work because the hypnotist has been hired to program Bobby to commit a murder.

Episode 2: Comeback: Mitch Costigan (played by Chick Vennera), a friend of Dan’s from the army, returns to Vegas to play at the Desert Inn.

Episode 3: All Kinds of Love: While she is on vacation Bea falls for a man and the two quickly get engaged.

Episode 4: The Magic Sister Slayings: A man wants to kill Dan to stop evidence against him from surfacing.

Episode 5: Lido Girls: It is thought that three women have begun an illegal baccarat game at the Desert Inn.

Episode 6: Consortium: Dan’s brother-in-law Paul Bracken (played by James Darren) is Slick Roth’s right hand man and is in negotiations between wealthy hotel owners in a joint venture.

Episode 7: The Hunter Hunted: Lieutenant Nelson and his family start getting threats from a man he doesn’t even know.

Episode 8: The Man Who Was Twice: Jeremy Welles (played by Jim Bailey), an illusionist performing at the Desert Inn, receives death threats so his manager hires Dan to get to the bottom of it.

Episode 9: The Golden Gate Cop Killer: A friend of Dan’s who is a cop in San Francisco lets him in on a case he is working involving a serial killer who has been killing police officers.

Episode 10: Siege of the Desert Inn: A group tries to rob the Desert Inn but are stopped by security so in desperation they take a group that includes Bea hostage.

Episode 11: Vendetta: During a celebration at Bruno’s restaurant Dan’s Uncle Carlo (played by Jack Kruschen) collapses and dies. Dan’s grandmother thinks it wasn’t a death due to natural causes but a vendetta against the family.

Special Features: Episodic Promos

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