Gigolos: The First Season

How many times do you get a look into the lives of professional gigolos?  For most that answer previously would be zero.  Now with the reality series Gigolos you get to see how they operate and what types of clients they get. Whether you approve of their métier or not you have to admit it is interesting.  These five guys work in a profession most of us can’t imagine doing.  Situated in Las Vegas the series gives us plenty of heartfelt emotion and a large serving of the truth. You might, however, have to occasionally watch the show between the fingers covering your eyes. Not much has been edited out.

Episode 1: The Dating Game: Brace, Jimmy, Nick and Steven are four guys working as gigolos in Las Vegas. In this episode the four guys compete for the business of a rich older lady.

Episode 2: All 4 One: Four becomes five as Vin joins the team. Steven cannot afford to send his son to an exclusive camp so he begins to work around the clock.  The other guys see this and decide to do something to help him.

Episode 3: Release the Kraken!: A woman looking to become a dominatrix hires Jimmy to help her learn her métier. Brace continues working on his vitamin supplement line.

Episode 4: Three Gigolos and a Baby: Nick, Vin and Steven agree to babysit the two young boys of an old friend of Jimmy’s.  Brace takes a personal day.

Episode 5: Dance, Dance Gigolution: A client hires Vin to be her partner in a salsa competition. Brace begins to have a crisis of faith.

Episode 6: Birthday Sex: The guys forget Steven’s birthday and then try to make it up to him. Brace brings Nick to his first colonic experience.

Episode 7: One Shot, One Opportunity: Nick gets a break in his dream to be a rapper when a music producer helps him record some tracks. Vin takes on a client who is a lead singer in a rock band and finds life on the road lonely.

Episode 8: The Ties That Unbind: Vin’s girlfriend decides to take an out of town job. Nick and Jimmy decide that they can no longer live together.

Special Features: Biographies, Photo Gallery

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