House of LIes: The First Season

Plenty of sex, booze, lies, deceit, and Don Cheadle playing a character that is not like anything he has done before. House of Lies is a newish Showtime television show that takes an off kilter look at corporate America. Don Cheadle plays the pretty messed up by terrific at his job Marty Kaan, who is a cutthroat management consultant. If you don’t know what that is then join the party. Marty himself says that if you understand what he does then he is not doing his job right. This coming from the man who will go to any lengths to do what is necessary to get the contract for his company. As previously stated this usually involves schemes, booze and sex. Oh, and plenty of dark humour. Though he is one of the best at what he does that does not mean that Marty has it together personally.  He has a young son who is a cross dresser and gets in trouble a lot at school, a crazy ex-wife who he still sleeps with and an ex-psychologist father living with him who does a lot of judging. It all adds up to plenty of fun to watch unfold.

Episode 1: The Gods of Dangerous Financial Instruments: Marty and his team travel to New York City to consult for large bank MetroCapital. The bank needs them to figure out how their bigwigs can justify taking their large bonuses under such dire economic times.

Episode 2: Amsterdam: An NBA club is in trouble due to the messy divorce of its owner. Jeannie (played by Kristen Bell) has an interesting job offer on the table.

Episode 3: MIcrophallus: A major announcement happens at Marty’s company. Marty and his team are working with a beverage company who needs help but some are resisting change.

Episode 4: Mini-Mogul: Roscoe (played by Donis Leonard Jr.) has to travel with his father to San Francisco on work and hopes to spend some quality time with him. Jeannie is not exactly comfortable with her engagement.

Episode 5: Utah: The Pod and Marty travel to Utah to improve a hotel chain which seems to need no improving. Monica (played by Dawn Olivieri) takes care of Roscoe and uses their time together to seek revenge on her married lover.

Episode 6: Our Descent into Los Angeles: Instead of recharging their batteries over the weekend, Marty and the Pod work on a way to stop Roscoe from being expelled. Jeannie’s upcoming nuptials are causing her plenty of anxiety.

Episode 7: Bareback Town: Roscoe and Jeremiah (played by Glynn Turman) are getting close to April (played by Megalyn Echikunwoke). April challenges Marty to stay faithful while on the road.

Episode 8: Veritas: Some of the best young talent in the field are invited to a Galweather + Stearn recruitment event. Marty has to think quickly on his feet to keep secure his position in the company.

Episode 9: Ouroboros: Monica’s consulting company is brought in to evaluate all Galweather + Stearn employees before the merger. The Rainmaker (played by Griffin Dunne) and Marty team up to try and stop the merger.

Episode 10: Prologue and Aftermath: Jeannie lands a contract with a church in her hometown. Monica tells Marty that she wants custody of Roscoe.

Episode 11: Business: Roscoe unhappy when he finds out that his father and April have broken up. Marty learns the hard way that the Rainmaker is not a man to be trusted.

Episode 12: The Mayan Apocalypse: The team and Marty continue working on a way to stop the merger. At the ceremony for the merger between MetroCapital and Galweather + Stearn Jeannie makes a decision.

Special Features: Hanging with Kristen Bell, Hanging with Don Cheadle, Rainmaker, Marty Kaan Profile, The Borgias Season 2, Episodes 1+2, Dexter Season 7, Episodes 1+2

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