Kristen Schaal: Live at the Fillmore

Kristen Schaal is a stand-up comedian and actress that will stick with you. She has a unique and quirky style about her that sets her apart from the rest. There is an incredible sense of not knowing what is going to happen next when she is involved in anything. This is especially so in her stand-up set in San Francisco at the Fillmore.

Sounding a bit like Betty Boop or Minnie Mouse she will surprise you with some of her off-colour humour. In an interesting twist she presents a stand-up routine that replicates a routine that goes progressively downhill until it crashes down in flames. Kristen has created something that becomes the worst stand-up routine ever. Brave! She certainly wants a strong reaction from the viewer. Whether you like her off kilter sense of humour or not you have to admit that she certainly is a lady who is not too scared to take risks.

Some of you might recognize Kristen from her guest appearances as a correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and as the peculiar fan on Flight of the Conchords. Now you will know that she is also a talented stand-up comedian.

This is her first Comedy Central original one-hour special.  After watching it I’m sure it won’t be her last.

Special Features: Kristen’s Performance on John Oliver’s NY Stand-Up Show, Appearances on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Cougars, Rape Victim Abortion Funding, The Married vs. Single Woman Vote

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