Being Human: Season Five – Blu-ray Edition

A series involving a werewolf, a ghost and a vampire trying to find their way in the world that uses both humour and drama to tell its story is a rare feat. The three creatures/entities live together in an apartment and are attempting to live amongst humans. They realize is that is easier said than done.

Episode 1: The Trinity: Alex (played by Kate Bracken) is trying to adjust to being a ghost as she finds herself living with a vampire and a werewolf. We are introduced to Captain Hatch (played by Phil Davis), a man with a secret.

Episode 2: Sticks and Rope: Captain Hatch is trying to get Hal (played by Damien Molony) and Tom (played by Michael Socha) to turn on one another. Alex realizes that she is not the only ghost living in Honolulu Heights.

Episode 3: Pie and Prejudice: Another werewolf begins to show Tom the ropes. Hal does not trust Larry (played by Julian Barratt).

Episode 4: The Greater Good: While trying to rehab, Crumb (played by Colin Hoult) comes to Honolulu Heights to live. Tom is having trouble teaching a 1980s werewolf about life today.

Episode 5: No Care, All Responsibility: Tom likes a girl named Natasha (played by Kathryn Prescott). He then finds out that Hal has been drinking from her.

Episode 6: The Last Broadcast: The Devil is getting stronger by the moment. Hal, Alex and Tom agree to put their differences aside in order to work together in order to vanquish him.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Cast and Crew Interviews, Exclusive Scene: Our Three Heroes Enjoy Being Human, Extra Scene: Taking Care, Five Bonus Clips: Alex’s Unfinished Business

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