Perry Mason Movie Collection: Double Feature 7

perry mason movie collection double feature 7The Case of the Poisoned Pen:

At a mystery writers conference an author is murdered and it becomes a whodunit like the books they write. Famous crime writer Bradley Thompson (played by David Warner) is found poisoned and his ex-wife, Martha Robertson (played by Barbara Babcock), is arrested and accused of his murder. Defense lawyer Perry Mason is brought into the case because Della and Ken were at the conference. Plus Della is a friend of Barbara’s. After taking the case Perry begins to realize that many had a reason to kill Bradley Thompson as he was plagiarizing everyone’s work.


The Case of the Desperate Deception:

In Paris Captain David Berman (played by Tim Ryan) has taken the assignment to work there in the hopes of finding a former SS officer who worked at the concentration camp his mother was held at that had a hand in killing his grandparents and injuring his mother. When he gets a tip about the location of the SS Officer, who now goes by the name of Felix Altmann (played by Jeremy Hawk), from a mysterious man (played by Paul Freeman), David cannot help himself and goes to see Altmann. While with the man the former SS officer is shot and killed. David is blamed for the death and as such is arrested.

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