Elementary: The Second Season

elementary the second seasonSherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were a crime fighting duo of paramount talent created by author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Because of the intelligence and humour involved there have been many incarnations of the pair of very different detectives. This one is quite different from the others in that it is very modern, set in largely in New York and Watson is a woman. Sherlock is recovering drug addict and his father hired Dr. Joan Watson (played by Lucy Liu) to be Sherlock’s sober coach. Still the essence is the same in that Sherlock Holmes has incredible intelligence and an ability to see what is there that is unparalleled and Holmes, though he doesn’t like to admit it, really depends on Watson.

Episode 1: Step Nine: Sherlock Holmes (played by Jonny Lee Miller) and Dr. Joan Watson are called upon to investigate the disappearance of an inspector. This means Holmes and Watson are off to Sherlock’s old stomping grounds of London.

Episode 2: Solve For X: Sherlock and Watson work on a case involving the murder of a mathematician. The walls of his apartment were painted with a hidden complex formula that would bypass all encryptions.

Episode 3: We are Everyone A government operative who leaked classified information is Holmes and Watson’s latest case. Due to their involvement with the case they soon find themselves under attack from cyber-activists.

Episode 4: Poison Pen: Holmes and Watson are working on a case involving the murder of a CEO by means of nitroglycerine poisoning. While investigating Sherlock runs into a woman from his past.

Episode 5: Ancient History: Being bored Holmes heads to the morgue to try and find an interesting case to work on. Finding the body of a hit man there, Holmes and Watson become immersed in the mob world.

Episode 6: An Unnatural Arrangement: Captain Gregson’s (played by Aidan Quinn) personal life comes to light after his wife his attacked in their house.

Episode 7: The Marchioness: Mycroft (played by Rhys Ifans) arrives in New York to work on his new restaurant. He also asks for Sherlock’s assistance in a case involving his ex-fiancée.

Episode 8: Blood is Thicker: Their latest case involves Holmes and Watson uncovering a link between a murdered young woman and a dying billionaire.

Episode 9: On the Line: Holmes and Watson work on a cold case involving a serial killer. The NYPD insist on working on the case with them.

Episode 10: Tremors: Holmes’ atypical methods of investigation lead to an official police inquiry. This could mean the end of him and Watson working with the NYPD.

Episode 11: Internal Audit: A hedge fund manager is murdered and Holmes and Watson are called upon to work the case. Sherlock debates whether he should become the sponsor of a recovering addict.

Episode 12: The Diabolical Kind: A young girl is kidnapped and Holmes and Watson realize that the perpetrator is a “Faux-riarty”. This means he is one of Moriarty’s (played by Natalie Dormer) lieutenants.

Episode 13: All in the Family: Detective Bell (played by Jon Michael Hill) finds a body in a barrel. Watson IDs the body as a member of the local mafia.

Episode 14: Dead Clade Walking: Watson decides to work on one of Sherlock’s cold cases. It involves a very rare dinosaur fossil in the garden of a murder victim.

Episode 15: Corpse de Ballet: A ballerina is murdered and Holmes and Watson are brought in to investigate. Watson works another case involving the disappearance of a homeless man.

Episode 16: The One Percent Solution: Holmes and Watson have to work with one of Sherlock’s former Scotland Yard colleagues. The case involves a bombing.

Episode 17: Ears to You: A man who was accused of murdering his wife year previous suddenly gets a ransom call for her. It involves the kidnapper sending the man his wife’s ears.

Episode 18: The Hound of the Cancer Cells: A scientist is found murdered and Holmes and Watson have to decide if his death has to do with the cancer research he is doing.

Episode 19: The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville: Similar deaths to those committed by a serial killer who bit his victims begin again. The problem is that the serial killer has died.

Episode 20: No Lack of Void: A pickpocket is killed by anthrax poisoning. Holmes and Watson hunt for the rest of the deadly toxin in order to prevent an outbreak.

Episode 21: The Man With the Twisted Lip: Holmes and Watson work on a missing person case. Mycroft’s return causes plenty of tension between Sherlock and Watson.

Episode 22: Paint it Black: Watson has been kidnapped and her life is at stake. This forces Sherlock to work with Mycroft to secure her return.

Episode 23: Art in the Blood: What seems to be a simple murder turns out to have big international and political links. Watson tries to deal with nearly dying.

Episode 24: The Grand Experience: The partnership between Holmes and Watson reaches the breaking point. They work to clear Mycroft of murder and treason charges.

Special Features: Holmes Goes Home, Under the Magnifying Glass, Skill Sets, Second Chapter: Inside Elementary Season 2, Art in the Blood: Meet Mycroft, The Life of Clyde, Gag Reel

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