Gunsmoke: The Eleventh Season – Volume 2

gunsmoke the eleventh season volume 2Dodge City was seen as the city of sin in the Old West. As a frontier settlement in the late 1800s it faced the usual problems of stage and bank robberies, gunfights, violence with Indians, family feuds and heavy drinking. Charged with taking care of all this in Dodge is U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon (played by James Arness). Despite his skill with gun and judging people he does need the help of his deputy Festus (played by Ken Curtis), saloon owner Kitty (played by Amanda Blake) and grumpy physician Doc (played by Milburn Stone). It is a daily struggle for Matt to keep the law in Dodge City.


Episode 1: Sweet Billy, Singer of Song: Festus’ nephew comes to Dodge and is looking for a wife. He is looking for some help from Festus.


Episode 2: The Raid (Part 1): A gang of bank robbers decides to strike next in Dodge City. One of the outlaws is shot during their escape and they take Doc to tend to him.


Episode 3: The Raid (Part 2): Matt gets a posse together to hunt down the gang and rescue Doc. One of the outlaws comes up with the idea of setting fire to Dodge to delay that.


Episode 4: Killer at Large: Festus is accused of killing a drunk man. He decides to run away to Nebraska so that Matt won’t have to arrest him.


Episode 5: My Father’s Guitar: After stopping at a house for water a young man (played by Beau Bridges) is forced to kill a man who mishandles his guitar. When some evidence ties him to the murder Matt is forced to arrest him.


Episode 6: Wishbone: Matt heads out after a group of bandits that held up a stage coach. Doc finds himself in a heap of trouble after a snakebite.


Episode 7: Sanctuary: After a bank robbery and a shootout an outlaw is injured so takes refuge in the church. He forces Doc to take care of his injury by holding the pastor and parishioners hostage.


Episode 8: Home Before Justice: An Indian woman asks Matt for help. She wants him to prove that her father has been charged by the tribal council with a crime he did not commit.


Episode 9: The Brothers: The town is robbed by a gang. Matt only gets one of them and then leaves to try and catch the rest.


Episode 10: Which Doctor: Festus and Doc leave town on a fishing trip. Their fishing is interrupted when they run into a family that is feuding with the Haggen family.


Episode 11: Harvest: Matt has to settle a dispute between a Dodge City resident and Scottish homesteaders. Both parties believe that they own a particular piece of land.


Episode 12: Byline: A publisher arrives in Dodge and starts a newspaper. He hires Festus as a reporter despite the fact that he is illiterate.


Episode 13: Treasure of John Walking Fox: Three would be robbers believe that an Indian knows the location of a lost coin shipment in the amount of $100,000. Turns out that the Indian is just a manipulator.


Episode 14: My Father, My Son: Matt issues a warning to an infamous gunslinger not to cause trouble in Dodge. Trouble is coming in the form of his latest victim’s father and brothers as they are looking for revenge.


Episode 15: Parson Comes to Town: A preacher comes to Dodge and announces that he is there to watch someone die. Matt tries to figure out what is truth and what is lies in regards to this man.


Episode 16: Prime of Life: A man flirts with another’s girlfriend and then is killed by the young man. The young gunslinger next challenges Matt.

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