Justice League: Gods and Monsters – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

justice leagueIn this addition of the Marvel/DC Comics you get the awesome trio of Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman, which is pretty much every comic book fan’s wet dream. These are your three biggies who have not be working together all that often so it is a special treat to have them in an animated feature, directed by the talented Sam Liu.


The story centers around alternate versions of the three superheroes having to do battle in another dimension in order to defend their reputations. This difference in all their back stories and the fact that it is quite dark allows for plenty of variation and twists on what we normally expect from the three. Keeps things interesting.


Backstories of each of the superheroes are provided. Batman’s (voiced by Michael C. Hall) alter ego is scientist Kurt Langstrom. After finding out he has cancer the scientist tries to cure himself through a bat-serum. It works but turns him into a vampire-like creature. Wonder Woman’s (voiced by Tamara Taylor) family has carried out the wiping out of an entire alien population and as such she has rejected them while exiling herself on Earth. After being sent away by his father General Zod (voiced by Bruce Thomas), Superman (voiced by Benjamin Bratt) is found and raised by Hispanic migrant farmers.


On Earth the three live in Metropolis. Working for the government out of the Hall of Justice they use whatever means possible (meaning tons of violence) carrying out their missions of taking down targets or general baddies. Everything changes when famous scientists start turning up dead and the evidence points the finger straight at Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Tensions rise and the relationship between the superheroes and the American government breaks down completely. Even the public wants the three punished.


Despite the fact that this is an animated feature it really is not aimed at kids. The emotions and intelligence involved in the story are for adults. It will remind comic fans out there of the kind of stuff coming from Frank Miller. It also just jumps into the alternate universe right from the get go without much of an explanation so you can to find your bearings quickly. Even our beloved superheroes all look different. It is a darker Justice League story with no Flash, Green Lantern, etc. and tons more blood and violence. Though it is not without its flaws (some of the dialogue is hokey and a couple of the story choices are somewhat headscratching), but there is enough her to make me want to see more.


Another plus is the way that the film looks. It is definitely an homage to the stuff coming out of DC Comics Animation in the nineties.


Special Features: Digital Copy, Alternate Realities: Infinite Possibilities, Calculated Risk: The Making of Gods and Monsters, The New Gods, From the DC Comics Vault, Batman: Bad Blood

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