That 70’s Show: The Complete Series – Blu-ray Edition

that 70s show the complete seriesThere are a few series that you can watch time and time again without getting bored of them. That 70s show is one of them. It perfectly encapsulates a decade from teenagers’ perspective with plenty of laughs along the way. Who knew that a series about kids hanging out in a basement in suburban Wisconsin could be so much fun?!?


Though it is about a particular decade the show is rather timeless. They didn’t have PVRs, cell phones, lap tops or Facebook but they did have the same worries about money, friendship, clothes, love and the future just like kids today. That is what makes the show so good in that it is rather universal. It is a comedy about real life with some surprisingly poignant moment.


Most of the actors on the series which ran for eight seasons have gone on to have successful careers after the series ended. They were all great as their characters and perfectly cast plus the cast had really good chemistry.


Special Features:

– Audio Commentaries: Season Two, Disc One: Director David Trainer for both “Halloween” and “Hunting.” Season Two, Disc Two: Director David Trainer for “Cat Fight Club.” Note that these season two commentaries are identical those featured on the standalone season two release. Season Three, Disc One: Director David Trainer and Producer Patrick Kienlen for both “Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die” and “Eric’s Panties.” Season Three, Disc Two: Director David Trainer and Producer Patrick Kienlen for “Dine & Dash” and Director David Trainer for “Radio Daze,” “Eric’s Drunken Tattoo,” and “The Promise Ring.” Season Four, Disc One: Director David Trainer for “Eric’s Depression.” Season Four, Disc Two: Director David Trainer for “Class Picture” and “Hyde’s Birthday.” Season Six, Disc Two: Director David Trainer for “Substitute,” “Sparks,” and “My Wife.” Season Seven, Disc One: Director David Trainer for “Time Is On My Side” and “Angie.” Season Seven, Disc Two: Director David Trainer for “Till The Next Goodbye.” Season Eight, Disc One: Director David Trainer for “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Season Eight, Disc Two: Director David Trainer for “Keep Yourself Alive,” “We Will Rock You,” and “That ’70s Finale.”

-Behind the Scenes Featurettes:

Hello Wisconsin! (480i, 18:06): See the Season One review linked above for more information. Note that the supplement in season one was presented in 1080p with a high definition “flower power” border and the standard definition content presented in the center of the screen. The supplement as presented here eliminates the border and presents in a standard 4×3 window and plays at 480i rather than 1080p.

Webisodes (480i): A collection of behind-the-scenes shorts that take viewers into the making of several episodes from the end of season two, focusing on the on-stage action, the backstage fun (including working in front of the live studio audience), general insights into how the shows come together, and some technical details. Included are Kelso’s Serenade (7:14), Jackie Moves On (7:23), Holy Crap! (5:32), Red Fired Up (6:49), Cat Fight Club (6:56), and Moon Over Point Place (7:18).

Making Company: David Trainer on Directing That ’70s Show (480i, 7:46): The series’ director speaks on what makes this, or any, show great, the importance cast and crew camaraderie, the actors’ maturity along the way, character qualities and growth, core story details, and the satisfaction he finds in not only making a great show but enjoying the audience’s positive reaction. The piece is interspersed with clips from the series.

Beyond the Polyester: Writing That ’70s Show (480i, 7:58): Executive Producers Rob Des Hotel, Mark Hudis, and Dean Batali discuss the writing process, including how they try to reach inside the characters’ heads, ensuring a constant state of interesting storytelling, the series’ charm and realism, season ending cliffhangers, building and ending character relationships, and their own maturation through the process.

That ’70s Show Set Tour with Director David Trainer (480i, 11:35): With the show’s final days in sight, the director guides viewers through key set pieces and their interesting background details, beginning with the basement (including a look at creating the series’ trademark 360-degree shots), and moving on to the Vista Cruiser, the Forman kitchen, an historical part of the stage where ancillary locations are filmed, and the living room.

That ’70s Blooper Special (480i, 10:06): A collection of happy accidents from the set.

That ’70s Show Through the Years: A Retrospective (480i): Brief character highlights from the series with cast interviews in which the actors look a little more deeply into the characters they play and the larger show details around them. Included are Eric (3:04), Jackie (2:57), Kelso (2:56), Hyde (3:00), Donna (3:01), Fez (3:01), Kittie & Red (3:02), and Bob (3:00).

-Season Overview Featurettes:

Season One: A Look Back (480i, 4:58): The same supplement available on the season two release.

Season Two: A Talk with Director David Trainer (480i, 12:58): The same supplement available on the season two release.

Season Three: A Look Back (480i, 23:16): A look at the evolution of the series’ core romantic relationships, Kitty and Red’s place in the show and season, and the core qualities that drive the show and make it a success.

Season Four in 4 Minutes (480i, 4:30): Director David Trainer introduces a rapid season four highlight reel.

Season Five in 5 Minutes (480i, 5:01): A rapid fire series of highlight clips from season five.

6 Minutes of Season Six (480i, 6:00): A rapid fire series of highlight clips from season six.

That Seventh ’70s Season (480i, 12:36): A selection of grouped character highlights from the seventh season.

Season Eight in 8 Minutes (480i, 8:01): A rapid fire series of highlight clips from season eight.

A ’70s Show Flashback (480i): Key cast look back on their experiences on the show, sometimes dating back even to initial rehearsals and moving on through their growth individually and collectively across the series. They examine their core character qualities and relationships with the other characters. The pieces feature plenty of clips from the series intermixed with the interview footage. Included are Laura Prepon (6:20), Mila Kunis (6:02), Wilmer Valderrama (8:36), Danny Masterson (6:52), Debra Jo Rupp (6:39), Kurtwood Smith (6:23), Don Stark (7:28), Tommy Chong (4:57), and Josh Meyers (4:35).

-Trivia Game (1080p): Various personalities, including Gene Simmons and the cast, ask some text-based multiple choice questions. Correct answers are followed by clips from the show that prove the answer is correct. Wrongs answers are met with a humorously disparaging clip.

-Groovy Green Screen (1080i, 3:20): The same supplement available on the season one release.

-Foto Hut (1080p, 18:13 total runtime): A large selection of automatically progressing photos, including individual cast (Bob, Donna, Eric, Fez, Hyde, Jackie, Kelso, Kitty, and Red), stills from each season, and group pictures of the cast.

-Promo Spots (480i): Broadcast advertisements for the show. Included are Season 1 (3:46, also included on the standalone season one set), Season 3 (12:40), Season 4 (11:52), Season 5 (12:49), Season 6 (12:49), Season 7 (13:29), and Season 8 (11:47). Season 2 is not included.

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