Chicago has a reputation as a tough town. As such it is not surprising that they have a lot of high profile crime. To combat this Chicago P.D. has put together a small Intelligence Unit whose job it is to track down and arrest the worst of the worst in the city. This Intelligence Unit is led by Hank Voight, a cop who not long ago was himself in jail. He is a man who has instilled in his team the idea to capture criminals by any means possible.


The season begins with Lindsay (played by Sophia Bush) not a member of the team and not even a cop anymore. Her days are now taken up by drinking and drugging. She is pulled back in reluctantly by Hank after Halstead (played by Jesse Lee Soffer) is kidnapped and tortured by a drug dealer. Will Lindsay be up to the challenge?


chicago-pd-season-threeThis is a cop drama. It does not try to be anything else. There is action and tense moments. The show is rounded out by some humour and personal stories of each of the characters. The diversity of the crimes and ensuing investigations is what will have you coming back week after week.


As the series was conceived of by the guy behind the Law & Orders and Chicago Fire it makes sense that this series can be seen as a companion to the others. Often there are crossover episodes between Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. and Law & Order SVU.


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