Sleater-Kinney – Live in Paris

sleater kinney live in parisSome out there are probably rolling their eyes over another live album. Seen sometimes as a cop out or just an easy way to fulfill a recording contract, the live album has gotten its share of taunts. It is when you listen to this one by feminist rockers Sleater-Kinney that you have to agree that the genre still has its merits. What is found here is the reason that people leave their cushy couches and spend a ton of money on concert tickets. Live music can be a raucous and powerful thing. Despite the fact that some of the songs they play are around 20 years old they still sound as fresh and relevant today. Recorded during their 2015 No Cities to Love tour at the La Cigale venue in the city of love, it really demonstrates how good a band Sleater-Kinney is live with highlight tracks like “Entertain”, “I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone” and “Dig Me Out”.

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