FINE POINTS Release Cover of The Velvet Underground’s “Candy Says”

Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Original Recording Session

On the 50th anniversary of The Velvet Underground’s original “Candy Says” recording session, San Francisco’s FINE POINTS released a cover of the classic track. This single follows the band’s acclaimed sophomore LP, Take Shape (2018), which was produced by Grammy Award-winning Jason Carmer (Third Eye Blind, Billy Idol, Merle Haggard).

“Candy Says” is an ode to a band that changed FINE POINTS vocalist Evan Reiss’  perspective on music:

“As an aspiring 16 year-old drummer living in the suburbs, The VU changed everything. On a whim, I bought the CD version of “White Light/White Heat” at Valley Fair Mall in San Jose. As soon as I popped it in the stereo of my Mom’s red 92’ Taurus, I knew something was different. It made me uncomfortable. I felt…scared. The music sounded gnarled and broken but maintained pop sensibilities. It was rooted in blues but was somehow more ‘punk’ than any of the teenage punk rock bands that I played in. It was insanely cool and everything I never knew I needed in a band. ‘Candy Says’ is a devastatingly beautiful ballad about looking in the mirror and wishing that you were someone else. It’s a feeling that most of us have experienced at some point. I have always loved the Velvet Underground; not because they were amazing songwriters and musicians (they were)…but because they were so good at being themselves- something that can’t be faked.” – Evan Reiss

Since releasing their debut album, Hover, in 2015, FINE POINTS have continued to lay the brickwork of their narco-pop stylings. After landing tours with hazy contemporaries such as White Fence, The Warlocks, and The Fresh & Onlys, the band returned to California to work on their recently released sophomore offering. Now, FINE POINTS is continuing to grow by paying homage to a band that inspires them to be themselves.

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