Emmy Award winning television show set on the fringes of the Wild West. Gunsmoke made a star of leading man James Arness and fulfilled its promise of action and adventure. Ran on television for 20 years and remains one of the most successful Western ever on the small screen.

Stories this season include: Matt (played by James Arness) is challenged to a duel by a gunfighter of equal draw speed, hillbilly con men spark a gold rush, bounty hunters take Kitty (played by Amanda Blake), Doc (played by Milburn Stone) and Louie (played by James Nusser), Festus (played by Ken Curtis) has to handle things with Matt out of town, Matt is wounded by bounty hunters, and a convicted felon saves Kitty’s life.

Guest appearances by Leslie Neilson, Bruce Dern and Jon Voight.

Special Features:

-Episodic Previews