This year’s edition maintains its commitment to exhibiting famous Italian and Canadian architects thanks to two incredible documentaries available on our platforms. By purchasing an ICFF Festival Pass, you’ll have access to both feature documentary films, RENZO PIANO: THE ARCHITECT OF LIGHT and PALLADIO.

For centuries, architecture and design around the world has been heavily influenced by Italy. Renowned as a pillar of excellence, Italy has always been at the forefront, from the early influences of Michelangelo to the modern-day contributions of Renzo Piano, currently building the new Toronto Courthouse, and Antonio Citterio, commissioned by elite jewellery brand and luxury hotel chain, Bvlgari, to design its latest hotels.

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Directed by Carlos Saura
Award-winning director Carlos Saura strikes again with a film that follows the life and accomplishments of the world-renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano. The movie will be introduced by a presentation featuring Silvio Baldassara, innovative design architect and Chairman of NORR, who will introduce his project for the new Toronto Courthouse.
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Directed by Giacomo Gatti

Giacomo Gatti demonstrates the clear and refined history of one of Italy’s greatest architectural minds, Andrea Palladio. The film is raw and uninhibited, much like the style of the Venetian Renaissance architect. His classic style, often considered socially revolutionary, has been studied for years and his imitated all over the world. The documentary is introduced by Prof. James Cooper.
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