Montreal Rock Band The Sunset Drip Drops First EP, Bad Driver + Heavy Sex Music Video

Links live on Friday June 4, pre-save here

Montreal Rock Band, The Sunset Drip’s first EP, Bad Driver, drops Friday June 4 through Lackhaüs Records. Along with the EP, the band will release the music video for the track Heavy Sex. The Sunset Drip are Atomic. Colliding familiar sounds of the late 60s proto punk/stadium rock movement with modern flair. Inspired by timeless artists like David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Iggy Pop and so many more. The Sunset Drip collaborates their sound with a broad arrangement of creative influences and genres. There is something for everyone when listening to the Drip’s new release Bad Driver. Sit back, drop the needle and let the music take you away. 

Bad Driver came to fruition in 2021 as the product of global turmoil. Fighting the law in order for the project to survive, the members of The Drip risked everything to finish what they started. The diverse catalogue exposes the band’s musical range. Heavy-hitting tracks like “F***ckin’ Electric” , “Heavy Sex” and “Where is the Sun” show off the band’s roots, while the seductive “Unkind Love” and “Heart of Snake” aim for the heartstrings. The overall vibe of the EP beckons the listener to be free and is best enjoyed with the wind in your hair as you’re flying down the highway. Bad Driver was recorded at Lackhaüs Records by the members of The Sunset Drip. Mixing by Tom Shemerr and mastered by Dave Traina.

🔥Bad Driver Tracklisting 🔥1 – Where is the Sun
2 – Heavy Sex
3 – Fucking Electric 
4 – Can’t Decide
5 – Unkind Love
6 – Heart of a Snake 

Lyrics/Vocals/Bass/Musical Arrangement : The MosquitoLyrics/Backing Vocals/Guitar/Musical Arrangement : Brandon Gear
Drums/Musical Arrangement : Anthony Valmora
Recording : The Sunset Drip & Lackhaüs Records
Mixing : Tom Shemerr (The Damn Truth)
Mastering : Dave Traina (The Damn Truth) & Freqshop Studios
Album Art : Giostino Giotezio & The Mosquito

Fused together to shake the underworld, this adrenaline-craved triple 7 rips sound straight from the netherrealm. With Earth-shattering licks, beating drums and high energy vocals Brandon Gear, Anthony Valmora and The Mosquito come at you with fury. Held together by the sun and the moon, the heavens and hells, feast your eyes on the necromancers of rock: The Sunset Drip. Brought together by fate, Brandon Gear and The Mosquito started paving the road on which The Sunset Drip still rides. Anthony Valmora joined the group as the final piece. In addition, they now run a self-made, fully-equipped recording studio. Armed to the teeth with a lust for adventure, The Drip were completely prepared to take the world by storm. Unfortunately, like all other artists stricken with wanderlust, their aspirations of global domination were ground to a halt due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Nonetheless, The Drip keep their heads high and their project burning hot with irreplaceable passion. The downtime has graced the band with unbelievable amounts of practice and further exploration into the world of self-recording. The world may be stunted but the growth of The Sunset Drip remains exponential.

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