Presented in the official selection as the opening film

at the last Cannes Film Festival

Special Presentation – Official Competition

at FANTASIA in its North American premiere

Friday, July 15 at 7 p.m.


Romain Duris and Berenice Bejo

In theatres in Quebec on October 7, 2022

FANTASIA will run from July 14 to August 3. The festival also screened the film One Cut of the Dead by Shin’ichirō Ueda, which was presented in 2018 at FANTASIA, and after seeing it, director Michel Hazanavicius was inspired to script COUPEZ!

Directed and scripted by Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist), and starring Romain Duris and Bérénice Bejo, the comedy COUPEZ!, takes us through the filming of a zombie movie shot in a disused building, made in a single shot -sequence for a live broadcast on a Japanese site, which turns into a disaster. Between jaded technicians and uninvolved actors, only the director seems invested with the necessary energy to bring this horror film to life.

COUPEZ! is a film with a hard-hitting concept; a beginning bordering on disaster that quickly takes a turn to end in a totally unexpected and explosive way!

Michel Hazanavicius, director, screenwriter, editor and French actor, is known to the general public for the making of two spy film parodies with Jean Dujardin, OSS 117: Le Caire, nid d’espions and OSS 117: Rio ne répond plus, and especially for the silent black and white romantic film The Artist, also starring Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Béjo. The latter won more than a hundred awards in 2012, including the British Academy Film Award for best film, best screenplay and best direction, the César for best film and best direction, as well as the Oscars for best film, for the best direction and that of the best actor for Jean Dujardin. COUPEZ! is his eighth feature film.