NIAGARAan original Club illico film by Guillaume Lambert produced by Tim Ringuette and Laurent Allaire. Starring François PérusseÉric Bernier and Guy JodoinNIAGARA will be shown in cinemas across Quebec on September 16.
In addition to the three lead actors, NIAGARA has an impressive cast including Marcel Sabourin, Muriel Dutil, Marie Eykel, Elisabeth Chouvalidzé, Geneviève Néron, Guillaume Lambert, Marie-France Marcotte, Emi Chicoine, Ariel Charest and Josée Deschênes. Like François PérusseVéronic Dicaire and Katherine Levac star in their first dramatic roles in the film, respectively as mother and daughter.

François Pérusse, Éric Bernier and Guy Jodoin play three brothers in their fifties who must reconnect following the death of their father, who died prematurely during an unfortunate Ice Bucket Challenge.